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Welcome to Reception 

The children have been trying hard to pick up all of the school rules and routines. There is a lot to remember but they are doing very well. This term we will be very busy continuing to build friendships with each other. Our topic is all about Ourselves and we will be looking at books and texts linked to this topic with activities planned alongside them. 

PE days

This term PE is on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please ensure that children come to school in the correct PE kit either wearing trainers with pumps that they can change in to or just the black PE pumps if it is dry. Trainers are more substantial if the weather is wet for when we go out to play. 


Reading Planet

In the next few weeks we will be allocating two books every Friday. Once I do this please get into the routine of logging on and reading the books throughout the week. It is important that you click on finished book so that when we log on in school Mrs Glover-Smith can see who has read their books and who needs new books allocating. We only have time in the busy week to allocate the books on a Friday. 


Reading challenge 

In the next couple of weeks your child will bring home a wallet with a high quality text in it and a book review. The children can keep the book at home for two weeks before bringing it back to school with a completed book review. At this stage of the year we know that the children will not be able to read these books so you can read it to them for now. The book reviews to start off with are very straight forward e.g. draw your favourite part of the book. We can only give a new reading challenge if the books are returned with a completed book review. We will give reading challenges on a Friday and they need to be returned on the Wednesday or Thursday of the second week so that we can collect them all and tick them off and give out new ones. 


Key words

The children will bring home a key word sheet to keep at home to learn with you. We will check key word recognition with the children in school letting you know which words may need practising. 



Homework will be set on a Friday and will need to be completed by the following Thursday. Homework is generally linked to something that we are working on in class and will be set on seesaw. 

Here is a list of some great websites to find fun games, lessons, clips and resources to help you at home...


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