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Dyslexia Friendly School

St Catherine's has been recognised by the Local Authority as being a dyslexia friendly school. We have been recognised for the support and resources we have in school for early identification of children who may have learning needs and for the support we put in place to help these children.  
Dyslexia can be described as difficulties in learning to read, write or spell. At St Catherine's we recognise that these children have a need which has to be met to enable that child to achieve their potential and access the National Curriculum and other school activities, as all other children do. 

As a school we identify pupils with learning needs as early as possible and put support in place. We provide these children with resources which may help them and monitor their progress to ensure they are receiving the appropriate level of support for their needs. 

If you have any concerns about your child, please speak to their class teacher or Mrs Cunningham (SENCO). 

Useful websites include: