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Parental Survey Results - thank you to all the parents who completed the survey in April 2023.

  Agree/Strongly agree  disagree/strongly disagree 
My child is happy at school  96% 4%
My child feels safe at school 98% 100% 0%

The school environment provides a 

safe, nurturing place for my child to learn. 

98% 2%
My child makes good progress 94% 6%
I am kept well informed of my child's progress 96% 4%
My child is taught well at St Catherine's 94% 6%

My child is supported emotionally, as well as 


92% 8%
School supports my child's wider development 92% 8%

The school encourages children to behave


87% 13%

I feel I  can approach the school if I have a 


94% 6%
The school responds well to concerns I raise 94% 6%

I would recommend this school to another


98% 2%


  Agree/strongly agree  My child has not been bullied  Disagree/strongly disagree 
The school deals with bullying effectively  58% 36% 6%


We have acted immediately on the issues of behaviour in school as the positive response to this was lower than all other questions.  We have introduced class dojo as a visual behaviour management tool for both pupils and parents. All families have received log on  details and should now be able to see their child's day at school.